Name : Niraj Manandhar
Email    :,
Contact No    : 977-01-4274610
Current Address:
House no 621 , Leak marga , Kuleshowar, Kathmandu 14
::Technical Skill
Operating System Linux, Windows , Android
Programming Language C, C++, Java, Groovy , PHP, Advance Java , Ruby and some .net scripts (esp. C# delegates)
GUI Programming Borland J builder, Visual Basic 6.0
DBMS Mysql , PGSql, Access, Basic Oracle, Basic MSSQL ,Basic Derby, Basic DB2
Web Authoring Tools Dreamweaver , Front Page
Scripting language JavaScript, Action Script 2 and Action Script 3 , Lua
Server Side Programming Asp, J2EE , PHP, ROR
Image Editing Tool Fireworks , Photoshop (Basic)
Multimedia tools Flash ( AS2+ AS3) , Director (lingo), SoundForge
Development Tools Eclipse IDE, Net Beans, JDeveloper
Web Application Development Developing robust web application under J2EE, LAMP and Ruby on Rails
Speech recognition system Speech recognition and text to speech conversion using java with sphinx and freetts
IVR system programs detecting voice and dtmf signals using voice modem and comm port + jtapi and AT commands
GIS system updatable gis plots using access Visual Basic and arc view 3.0
Network programming developing multi user online games and application
Online Payments used major payment gateways including Paypal website payment pro, Paynet system,Link Point direct and for different requirement of E-com site
Media Processing Working with Java Media Frame work, FJM , Lame and Mplayer
OR Mapping Mapping java objects and Relational database using hibernate + Hibernate annotation and JPA with apache openJPA and using nhibernate along with datatables in .net
Cross Platform GUI development Gui Development for java using SwingX , JBCL controls and Swing
Flat Web pages(AJAX) Developing AJAX based Application with tools like GWT, ZK , Dojo Toolkit, DWR , EXT JS and JSON
J2EE Frameworks working with J2EE frameworks such as Java Server Faces, Tapestry,Struts, myfaces ZK
Web Administration,Hosting Configuring Web server,database server PHP and TOMCAT,Jetty under linux os
Securing Web sites Generating CSR, installing certificates in Apache Web server and providing secure https service, Applying various implementations such as Random image text , url+cookie encrypt , preventing SQL injections
Chat Application Developing customized chat clients using jabber protocol.
Java Based Reporting Generating Database report using JasperReport+IReport and JFree Report
Banking System Concept of Banking system and used to with programming Vouchers, Transaction , Transfers and ATMS
Rich Internet application development developing RI application using flash, Flex .
Basic Customizing Microsoft Dynamics (Axapta ERP) Taken 15 hours training on customizing Axapta and x++ , used JMatter application framework for some of the requriement by tiny ERP
Business Process Integration Used to with developing modules for Accounting, Assets management, Vouchers , Human Resource and Pay Roll.
Dependency Injection Dependency injection (IOC) for scalable application using Spring,, goggle juice and hivemind.
J2ME Development developed tiny games for j2me platforms please visit for my progress with mobile phones
Serial Port programming Serial port programming using JAVA COMM API, Microsoft COMM ami and low level disk access
Spring Framework used Dependency Injection, AOP , Declarative transaction management , and Hibernate support of Spring framework
Web development Frameworks suggested, defensed and implemented Java Web developement frame works such as ZK , GWT and DWR
Naked Object Patterns (Jmatter, oxava) Leaded, Developed Applications using JMatter and Oxava
Video Streaming Flash Server implemented Red 5 Streaming server
Rule Based System developed and deployed application using drools
Flash Remoting Deployed application with AMFPHP+Flash and Granite DS+Flash
Flash Game Engines Flash Game engines such as AWAY3d, Flash Scumm, Push button , Box2d and Papervision , corona and LOVE
::Academic Profile
S.No Degree/Diploma Board/University Year Percentage
1 Bachelors in Business Studies Trivuvan University Kathmandu Nepal 2004 --
2 PCL Trivuvan University Kathmandu Nepal 2000 60%
3 SLC Trivuvan University Kathmandu Nepal 1998 68%
Title : Madhapur Thimi Nagarpalika's Gis System Role: Database Admin and Programmar Duration: 6 months
Nature of Project: Gis System
Description: The project was to develop complete gis system for the Madhapur Thimi Nagarpalika, Bhaktapur, Nepal which included auto updated maps and plots according to the data feed in using application developed. Done under Vawana Consultant Nepal
Tools  Used: access,vb and arc view gis system 3
Platform: windows
Title : Web based portfolio management system Role:developer Duration: 18 months
Nature of Project: N tier internet based financial tool
Description: the desktop client was made using java for administration and update and the thin client was made using xml,php and flash for the report generation and presentation of various curves and results for NIDC capital markets limited.(
Tools  Used: Java , Mysql, php , xml , flash (for charts)
Platform: Linux
Title : Multi lingual (nepali / english) software for agricultural ministry Role:developer Duration: 30 Days
Nature of Project: RDBMS and report generation
Description: this project was done under Multisoft Nepal ( which involved bi-lingual software where both data entry and report generation could be done in any language and the uses can switch language during the run time
Tools  Used: Visual Basic 6.0, access and xml
Platform: Windows XP
Title : IVR System for phone mail Role:Project Developer Duration: 30 days
Nature of Project: Email retriever, Text to speech and modem programming
Description: This application provided an interactive voice system where user can dial on the server and listen to the text/plain email through the phone
Tools  Used: Java , Java Mail, XML and voice modem
Platform: Linux , mail server
Title : Speech to text for nepali Language Role:Project Developer Duration: 30 days
Nature of Project: Convert nepali spoken words to text using sphin-x and WSJ model
Description: This application was developed to demonstrate how different languages other than english can use the speech to text feature.
Tools  Used: Java , XML, Sphinx and WSJ model
Platform: windows and Java
Title : Dedicated Server Configuration ( Role: Apache Administrator Duration: 3 Days
Nature of Project: The server had Red hat 9.0 installed with php(no gd) statically compiled with Apache, The Web based server admin tool was plesk 7.5 reloaded. The project was to recompile php with gd and apache with php as DSO with out damaging any of the virtual hosts created by the plesk .
Tools Used : SSH, Telnet and admin scripts
Platfrom : Apache 2.0 and Linux OS
Title : PHJAVA Role: Project Developer Duration: on going
Nature of Project:This project aims for generating PHP Code for simple and repeating database operations with mysql , This application takes input of a xml file describing the tables of the database and produces php class files with methods to insert, update, delete and select from the database
Tools Used: XML, Java , JDOM, Eclipse and PHP
Project posted for under GPL Download url
Title : Text to speech for Nepali Role: Project Developer Duration: 25 days
Nature of Project: A TTS program for Nepali Language based upon ANTRL and DHvani
Tools Used: XML, Java , ANTLR , DHVani Database
Platform: Java

Title: Dynamic E-com site in Macromedia Flash (

Role: Project Developer Duration: 100 hours
Nature of Project: An Admin managed Rich Internet shopping application

Tools used: Rails, Ruby , JSON ,Flash and ActionScript and PHP

**( Flash and ruby glued with json is the best ever combination that i ever seen for Rich internet applications)
Platform : Rails and flash and php
Title: puzzle game website ( Role: Project Developer Duration: 30 hours
Nature of Project: A tiny puzzle game where the visitor can login and upload their own picture for making a puzzle and forward it to other person

Tools used: PHP, Flash ActionScript and GD

* rescale the user given picture using GD
Load the jpg in flash
show the torn image using mask
Platform : PHP and flash
Title:Flash based board game dots and lines Role: Developer Duration: 40 hours
Nature of Project: A flash version of dots and lines game

Tools used: FLASH actionscript 2

Platform : PHP and flash
Title:Flash based board game carrom board Role: Developer Duration: 5 Days
Nature of Project: A flash version of Carrom borad packed with box2ds

Tools used: FLASH actionscript 3 and Box2d

Platform : flash
Title: Bagchal for mobile phone Role: Project Developer Duration: 10 hours
Nature of Project:CLDC-1.1 and MIDP-2.0 based mobile game

Tools used: Netbeans, Java, J2me

a mobile version of traditional game of Nepal
Platform : All java enabled phone (of course midp 2)
Title: Candidate Entry, Result Collection and Publishing System for The Election Commission Nepal
Role:Senior Programmar Duration: 3 months
Nature of Project:A solution for the candidate entry, verification, withdrawal and symbol entry for the scheduled contusions election of 2008 , Vote count and Report publishing done under employer (PCS)

Tools used: DB2, PHP , VB 6, RSS, Flash and XML

DB2 was licensed to Election commission of Nepal , on top of which we built a web based application stack using PHP 5 to collect the candidate and Vote count result. The Visual Basic 6 application was for verify and withdrawal of the candidate and vote count.
Platform : IBM DB2 universal under windows 2003, PHP 5

SSH login+SFTP using java and execute command (a blog at that time)

Title: E-com site in Macromedia Flash ( website dis continued Role: Action Script+PHP Programmar Duration: 20 Days
Nature of Project: An Admin managed Flash shopping cart and gallery for a Custom motorcycle seller built using
Action Script +xml+flash [client side]
PHP + mysql +xml [admin side ]
Tools used: XML, PHP, Actionscript
5 classes , 30 modules and 2 custom controls in Action script 2
Platform : LAMP and flash
Title: Banking application for SACCOS of Nepal Role: Lead Programmar Duration: 18 months

Nature of Project: A complete banking system ( Financial Package, Accounting package , Shares management, Human resource management and assest tracking) done under PCS (a leading software house in Nepal )
this application was a 3 tier model based using
Database : mysql
Frontend : JAVA
OR Mapping using hibernate
Client server communication using RMI
attractive GUI using swingx api

Tools used: java, XML, MYSQL, Hibernate
Platform : All Java Platform tested for fedora linux and win*
Title: Scheduled Video Recorder Role:Developer Duration: 1 months

Nature of Project: A scheduled Video Recorder from MMS:// and Pinnacle PCTV 110i ( Direct Draw) for online TV Channel intregrated with Windows media server

Tools used: java, Java Media FrameWork, XML, JNI, Mplayer and virtual DUB
Platform : Windows XP and other microsoft platfor having direct x 7 or higher
Title: Sales Tracking and Management System for Call Center Role:Developer Duration: 6 months

Nature of Project:
A sales tracking and management system with various acpect of a call center e.g Product sales, sales report, product Status and costumer Care
developed for the first call center of nepal serving minds (

Tools used: JSP, MSSQL, Dojo framwork
Platform: windows 2000+mssql 7+ Tomcat 5.0
Title: .net based web application Role:Developer Duration: 3 months

Nature of Project:
front end for a .net based web shop and integration with YAF

Tools used:C#, , nhibernate and and Ext JS
Platform: windows 2003 server and mssql
Title : Ecom sites Role:Programmer / Developer  
Nature of Project: more than 100 ecom sites including (dynamic e-com site with 20,000 products ) [PHP/MYSQL/XML/JDBC for database management] (dynamic e-com site with UPS shipping charge calculation) [PHP/MYSQL] (dynamic e-com site) [PHP/MYSQL and Javascript] ( small site with flash enabled client side product design) [FLASH/ Action Script] ( A modification of os-commerce ) [PHP/MYSQL] ( A Costum E-commerce site using AJAX and php] ( A complete admin managed site ) ( A Sajax based Admin, generation of text images using GD Freetype lib + installation) [PHP/XML+AJAX/SAJAX+GD ] ( A site for real state business ) ( A site with admin controled dynamic flash slide show using XML, PHP ,Mysql and ActionScript) ( A site with admin to generate alert when a sale has been made using AJAX and PHP and MYSQL) ( A affilate site of Ecards ( A flash php program for E-cards ) (A custom clone of ( A full dynamic site for Tailoring Business) (A dynamic website for hotel management College) ( A dynamic and multi user web portal of National Daily of nepal) ( A dynamic and multi user web portal of National Daily of nepal) (An affilate site of

Title : Bagchal
Role:Developer Duration: 45 days
Nature of Project: A peer to peer web based version of traditional game of Nepal
Description: This game had two version
1) web based multi player - using XML mysql and Action script and client sever model for pairing of the players
2) Single player - using Action script and some AI for HUMAN VS Computer
Tools  Used: Action Script , XML,PHP and mysql
Platform: Web Flash Player
Title : ATM Service Management for State Bank of Bhutan
Role:java developer Duration: 5 days
Nature of Project: Interfacing with the ATM device running NCR controller using Socket Connection and handling the client request and responses quired from mssql database
1) This project was with Mr. Maheshwor Prajapati (Engineer and was responsible for Socket communication and Thread handling. The project was sub-contracted to Professional Computer Systems from N-CAT (A leading ATM device provider in Nepal)
Tools  Used: Java IO and sockets, MS-SQL
Platform: Windows xp , MSSQL 4.2 and NCR controller for the ATM
Title : SMS service for bank
Role:java developer Duration: 1 month
Nature of Project: making a java based solution for banks to let the customers check balance using mobile phone currently used by 5 banks of Nepal
1) We used GSM modem and RXTX library along with JAVA COMM API to make a system that connected to bank database using jdbc and then query the balance and statement as requested byt he customer by using sms.
(please sms 9851074712 to see the project in action)
Tools  Used: Java IO , Java Comm api, Rxtx libray , Thread handling
Platform: Windows 2003, Oracle and JAVA 6
Title : Little Hanuman []
Role:Developer Duration: 15 days
Nature of Project: mario style platform game
1) mario style platform game with fb sharing
Tools  Used: Push button game engine , Box2d , ActionScript 3
Platform: Flash AS3
Title : USB drive based security key system for Software
Role: / c# developer Duration: 7 Days
Nature of Project: writing, reading to the particular sector and track of a USB drive by allowing low level phyical media access. This project is done for the Japanese Client of the employeer PCS(
1)First i did this project in VC++ 7 using the Kernel32 function such as SetFilePointer, CreateFile and ReadFile later I needed to convert the program to make a .net compatible dll file i used c# as .net host language and re wrote the script by using dll import functions.
Tools  Used: c#, VC++ and dll import
Platform: All windows platform , .net 2 or beyond
Title : mini ERP System for Berger Johnson and Jhonson Nepal PVT LTD
Role: Tech Team Lead Duration: 6+ months

Nature of Project: Web based ERP system including following modules
1) Accounting system
2) Financial System
3) Inventory system
4) Sales, purchase
5) Manufacturing and production matrix
6) Supply chain management
7) Payroll

Database netural with small patches for ORACLE, MYSQL
using hibernate as ORM and schema generator ,
using spring for Dependency injection and declarative transaction management
using EXT and DWR for AJAX based GUI for Web
Tools  Used: JAVA, Hibernate, Spring , DWR , EXT JS, ZK
Title : Website developement, Hosting and server configuration of and
Role: Tech Team Lead Duration: 6+ months

Nature of Project: Web development and deployment of high traffic websites and Parrallel hosting of the websites from 3 different servers

Installation, configuration of Apache, PHP, mysql and GD on top of CENTOS 5
and develop a custom mirrioring tool in java
Tools  Used: PHP, JAVA, MYSQL and RED5 Streaming server
Platform: CENTOS 5
Title : Development of Web based System for Multilevel Network Marketing company (
Role: Project Developer Duration: 6+ months

Nature of Project: Web based + desktop based application for registration, placing and ordering of members for multi level network marketing

Had different features such as cheque printing, statement generation , scheme calculation, web based client registration and status cheque , SMS Inquiry service
Tools  Used: PHP, JAVA applets, MYSQL and Drools
Platform: LAMP+JAVA
Work Experience
Company : Zed Career Academy Designation:Senior Programming Faculty
Duration : 2000 oct to 2005 may
Description : conducting classes on various programming languages such mainly c/c++ and java
Company: Nidc Capital markets Ltd Designation:Software consultant
Duration:2003 may to 2004 Nov
Description: developing web based investment return management software as described above
Company: Serving Minds [night shift] , Designation: Senior programmer
Duration: 2005 may to 2007 jan
Description: developing web sites and web application as stated above
Company: Professional Computer Systems An ISO certified Company Designation: Lead Programmer
Duration: 2006 April un 2010 December
Description: developing a full banking application for SACOOS of Nepal
Company: Monkey Byte Development LLC ( Designation: Senior Programmer
Duration: 2010 December to present
Description: developing flash/ php based application for facebook/android and ios platforms
Company: Inorins Pvt Ltd Director
Duration: 2011 Jan
Description: Hold 10% share of the company, this company aims to develop a cutting edge financial application and IT based services for Banks and financial instuation
Company: International School of Tourism and Hotel Management ( Designation: IT Consultant
Duration: 2004 August and on going
Description: Providing consultation on IT implementation.
Other Activities
  • developed and hosted more than 30 web sites including some e-commerce sites
  • developed web based civil project management and rate analysis software with a senior civil engineer
  • running a foremost web portal for teens since from 6 years
  • Posting actively in using name javaniraj(not any more )
Personal Information
Date of Birth : 20/05/1982
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married